Friday, April 1, 2011

NYC Part 1 - The City

Just one day at home and I'm missing the city already... We stayed again at the Crowne Plaza Times Square Manhattan and we had a great view on Times Square from our room, which was on the 45th floor.
New York was amazing, and it felt so good to be there again. We have seen things we couldn't see last time, because the city is just too big to see all the pretty things and areas when you're on a ten day vacation.
We have seen Times Square, Wall Street, Soho, Lady Liberty, Central Park, Museum of Modern Art, Fifth Avenue, a New York Knicks Game (my boyfriend loves them) and so much more. And we did a typical tourist thing - a bus trip through Manhattan where we have seen Harlem and Brooklyn, too.
Tomorrow I will show you what I have bought in NYC!



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  3. really great blog :) I want to go to New York. Wonderful photos!

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