Sunday, April 3, 2011

NYC Part 3 - Cupcakes :)

...and the final part of the New York post is all about cupcakes!
Almost every day we went to Magnolia Bakery, they have the best cakes, cookies and cupcakes I have ever seen!
I have a big passion for sweets like this, so there is no better place for me than Magnolia Bakery. When you come in, there is an amazing smell in the air - it smells like heaven!



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  1. YUMMY!!!

  2. i want it!!!!

  3. i love cupcakes.i would be in a dessert only with this post...i love your blog..concrats!!!
    Follow us and we would love to follow you too..Keep blogging honey!!!
    yours fashionably,


Thank you, Darling!