Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Tiffany thing

I am obsessed with Tiffany! Whenever I am in a city like London or New York I have to buy something, this is always a nice memory. One of my favorites is the cute little gingerbread man, last year i wanted it so bad but it was sold out everywhere... so my boyfriend surprised me on christmas with him :) Tiffany has so nice things right now and I still have a long wish list...!


  1. OMG, so many boxes of Tiffany! I'm so jealous x) Something about their blue box just makes me go crazy, hehe.

  2. omg this icecream.. so cute !

  3. Wow, so much beautiful jewelry! I especially like the keys, they're so cute & vintage like :)

    Lubna | elle VOX

  4. Love your Tiffany collection, I also have a few items, I have the same heart key as you have and I love it ! You can never be tired of Tiffany jewellery ! :-)


Thank you, Darling!