Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Miami Beach shopping

At first I want to say sorry for one week no blogging! I was without internet which was horrible! :)
Shopping in Miami was great, of course! We went to Aventura Mall which is a great place for shopping, and it's so cool for a German girl to shop in a real American mall :) The other great place for shopping was Lincoln Road! Now I am at home for eight days but it feels like such a long time ago when I was in Miami... I want to go back...
Below you can see all the stuff that I've bought in Miami Beach!

(two watches from American Apparel and some Forever 21 necklaces)

 (iPhone case from Juicy Couture)

(a Starbucks cup and some postcards)

(a Victoria's Secret Bikini)

(some Victoria's Secret panties and a pocket mirror)

(lots of Victoria's Secret body care products - Vanilla Lace is the best smell EVER! I know it's a lot but it has to last until my next USA trip)

(an American Apparel maxi skirt - finally I've got one!)

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  1. Love what you've bought :)


  2. Oh wow, everything looks amazing!

  3. Love all of these cute accessories!


  4. love all the accessories! :)




Thank you, Darling!